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Our story

PISTA Sports Academy redefines sports training under the guidance of Françoise Béguin, a world ski champion. More than a training ground, PISTA is a transformative journey that blends physical prowess with mental resilience.

Inspired by a pivotal moment at the 1992 Winter Olympics, Françoise recognized the limitations of traditional training methods. In response, she pioneered the PISTA Ski Program, integrating psychological elements through the groundbreaking PISTA Integrative Brain Entrainment approach. This program not only hones skiing skills but also cultivates the mental fortitude needed for unpredictable situations.

Complementing this vision is Dr. Andre Stang, a professional table tennis player and expert in human toxicity, offering the PISTA Table Tennis Program. Beyond technique, this program enhances alertness and stress management, preparing athletes for both competition and life's challenges.

In the present, PISTA Sports Academy has expanded its offerings beyond ski and table tennis to include a diverse array of sports such as basketball, swimming, and other engaging activities. Holistic training transforms individuals into resilient, adaptable athletes across various disciplines.

Furthermore, PISTA integrates 45 years of research on using binaural beats for mental focus and alertness in sports games. The incorporation of these cutting-edge techniques enhances cognitive performance, providing athletes with a unique edge on the field.

Coaches at PISTA become mentors, guiding athletes to discover and activate their natural life support tools, enabling control over both body and situations. Adaptability and quick problem resolution become second nature.

Join the PISTA family and embrace a community fostering strength, resilience, and excellence. Whether conquering slopes, dominating the table tennis arena, or engaging in other sports activities, PISTA Sports Academy invites you to redefine limits and discover the athlete within.

Unleash your potential at PISTA, where the fusion of strength, resilience, and advanced cognitive training defines a new era in sports excellence.

Our Mission

The PISTA Sports Academy Programs apply an easy learning base to create stronger body and mind connections that help achieve goals across all age groups.​

  • Developed from various evidence-based research studies on training big and small muscle groups to improve sports performance and increase self-confidence

  • Improves concentration, endurance, and one’s ability to formulate solutions and strategies

  • Cultivates a mastery of using mental strength to face anxiety and pressure from competitive activities

  • Promotes and utilizes active physical movements to build the mental strength needed to manage our daily life events

Meet the Team

At PISTA Sports Academy, our coaching team stands as silent architects of greatness, each specializing in unlocking the full potential of athletes. From visionary approaches in skiing to innovative techniques in table tennis, our coaches collectively shape a transformative environment where strength, resilience, and adaptability converge seamlessly.

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