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Ski Slope


Embarking on the thrilling journey of skiing is an adventure that encompasses not just the physical slopes but also the emotional contours of one's self. At PISTA SKI, we have crafted a unique method that caters to both beginners and experienced skiers, ensuring a transformative experience on and off the snow.

For Beginners: Learn to Ski in 3 Sessions

  1. Personal Assessment: Before you hit the slopes, we delve into a personal assessment that goes beyond the physical. We explore the emotional landscape, understanding any apprehensions or excitement you may harbor.

  2. Familiarization with PISTA Equipment: Knowing your tools is key. In this phase, we introduce you to the PISTA equipment and the innovative machine that will be your companion on this skiing journey.

  3. Let the Exercises Begin: With the groundwork laid, it's time to hit the snow! Our three-hour sessions are carefully structured to facilitate a seamless learning experience. As you slide into the world of skiing, you'll find yourself gaining confidence and embracing the thrill of the slopes.

For Experienced Skiers: Personalized Excellence

  1. Personal Assessment Redux: Even seasoned skiers benefit from a holistic evaluation. We assess not only your physical prowess but also your technical skills and emotional state on the slopes.

  2. Defining Course Objectives: What are your skiing aspirations? Whether it's conquering fears, refining technique, or keeping pace with friends, we tailor the course to meet your specific objectives.

  3. Personalized Courses to Meet Expectations:

    • Technical Proficiency: Work on perfecting your position, address technical blocks, learn new movements, and understand how to navigate varying slopes.

    • Emotional Mastery: Overcome fear and apprehension, manage energy effectively, relish the joy of mastering diverse terrains, stay alert to your surroundings for safe skiing, recharge for the next day, and foster emotional stability to tackle any challenge.

At PISTA SKI, we believe skiing is not just a sport; it's a journey that intertwines physical skill with emotional resilience. Our method is designed to ensure that every skier, regardless of experience, discovers the joy and fulfillment of conquering the slopes. With PISTA, your skiing adventure is not just about sliding down the mountains; it's about ascending to new heights within yourself.​​

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In 1997, PISTA SKI was founded by Françoise Béguin, a professional skier. Together with PISTA Research Team, they have joined and developed PISTA ski techniques.

Françoise Béguin, a professional skier, a national graduate of ENSA, School of Ski and Mountaineering of Chamonix, ski instructor for 25 years in ESF and Ex world champion in Speed ​​Skiing.

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