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Ping Pong


Enhancing Cognitive and Motor Function with PISTA Ping Pong:
A Multidisciplinary Approach

The PISTA Institute is a multidisciplinary center with neurologists, neuropsychologists, and psychiatrists. At the center, they have developed the PISTA Ping Pong Program, which incorporates the Ping Pong methodology as a cognitive and motor training activity and is working with people across the cognitive trajectory, such as people living with PD, Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism and brain trauma.

This program recognizes the cognitive demands and benefits of PISTA Ping Pong for individuals with these cognitive and neurological conditions. It goes beyond simply teaching ping pong skills by incorporating cognitive drills and tasks during the game. By engaging in dual-tasking activities, such as combining cognitive tasks or balancing tasks, participants activate different brain resources, enhancing brain efficiency within the PISTA Ping Pong Program. The program caters to individuals at various points along the cognitive trajectory, including those seeking to prevent dementia, individuals with mild cognitive impairment, and those diagnosed with different types of dementia, utilizing the PISTA Ping Pong approach.

PISTA Ping Pong is not only accessible and enjoyable but also promotes social interaction and provides valuable cognitive and motor benefits. Participants in the program are highly motivated and eagerly anticipate engaging in the PISTA Ping Pong activities. Furthermore, the skills learned in the clinic can be practiced at home, with family and friends, or even through virtual reality. The goal of the program is to maximize the benefits of PISTA Ping Pong by combining systematic clinical work with recreational elements.

ndividualized programs are designed based on the person's age, physical and cognitive abilities, and personal goals, ensuring a tailored approach to each participant. PISTA Ping Pong adds a challenging and engaging element to exercises like balancing, making them more applicable to real-world situations. Striking the right balance between challenge and skill level within the PISTA Ping Pong Program is crucial for achieving the flow state and maximizing the benefits. Ultimately, the mission of the program is to make PISTA Ping Pong and its cognitive and motor benefits accessible to everyone

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