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Image by Lisa Keffer

Maximize Your Full Potential.

Mental and performance training for athletes and coaches

ABOUT pista sports academy

PISTA has safe and cost effective programs that train you to become strong individuals who are fit to face adversities.
Our coaches help discover and activate natural life support tools.
You become in control of your body and situations. You adapt easily and find resolutions quickly.

Image by Sebastian Staines
Young Man doing Physical Exercise

Train for Optimum Physical and Mental Balance

PISTA has specialized programs to improve performance in Table Tennis, Downhill Skiing and Swimming. Your training in the PISTA Sports Academy stimulates your brain to achieve:

  • Improved balance and sharpened reflexes

  • Gross and fine muscles

  • Better hand-eye coordination

  • Increased body awareness and mental  alertness

  • Endurance, strength, power, and agility

  • Enhanced concentration and the ability to formulate solutions and strategies

  • Developed mental skills for everyday living

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OUR sports

With the PISTA Sports Academy, you are geared to
reach your goals and  fit to face life challenges.

meet the team

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Françoise Béguin

Editor in Chief


Dr. Andre Stang

Assistant Manager

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Dr. Tom


Programming Editor




Art Director

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